Bad Day Good Night

from by JSR

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[Verse 1:]

Tired of my job but I gotta make the dough
Got a full time shift no time to blow
JSR on the beat keep keep it slow
Matter fact bring it back kick up the tempo
Broke up with my girl situation can't be fixed
Seems that her fam prefers not to blend or mix
Doesnt help that I am opposite of rich
Can't afford a stick of gum, how you buy the Knicks?
Uh! No breakfast for the kid kinda hungry
Ladies making promises that they can't keep
I grow tiresome never very much sleep, uh no people on my team
hit the ground chipped my front tooth, Had to pay rent not enough for the booth
It was a whack day spit it cuz it bears truth
But the night is a different story let loose....

Bring the girls out, it's time to party up
Brunette, blue eyes baby what's up?
Nuvo, Ciroc I'm sippin what's in this cup
I'm tryna leave with you, I can tell you're good luck
I can tell you're good luck, so baby are you down?
And baby if you're down don't give me that run around
Show me around the town, bad day no time to frown
Show me a good night show me what's goin down....

Verse 2:

8AM go to work by noon get a break
Try to run a couple errands for my cash gets raked
1 o'clock comes a-runnin got my time at stake
Til another douchebag hit my car wit a claim
2 o'clock's around the corner is it tardy or late
CD player breaks down bad mood can't escape
Flat tire rounds it off JSR gettin raped
uhhhh One time for the west side
Throw ya hands up if you feelin DENIED
Bad day losing all pride
Sing if you feelin like I'm feelin inside
Don't worry...... It's alright
It was a bad day but it's gon be a good night
Getcha crew together Getcha Getcha crew together
By the time it's midnight you'll be feelin betta.....




I see you looking at me
my swag on 10 his swag on 3
Bring the drinks bring the drinks lemme see you a freak
Lets party til 2 my spot by 3
I had a bad day it'll be better night
once that Ciroc gone baby you lookin right
Lemme see what you got to feel my every need
let's hit your spot I'll bring my chicks with me...




from Above Average, released June 2, 2012



all rights reserved


JSR Westland, Michigan

JSR is an un-signed independent hip-hop and dance music artist from the Metro-Detroit area of Michigan. Music Producer/ Songwriter, JSR, is well networked on the Detroit nightlife and party scene, as well as the student campus scenes. He has worked with many local artists, and in 2012 released his debut studio album entitled “Above Average.” ... more

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